Highways 20, 30, 40, 132

Trucking is an important transportation mode in North America. Many trucking companies have chosen the region for its location and the level of development of its major companies.
Saving companies time and money, the Autoroute 30 will link all main highways together, making this storage and distribution location the most attractive in the industry.


The Valleyfield area is becoming a hub for the CSX, CP and CN. Valdev industrial park is the strategic storage connection between the maritime, rail and road networks. With a granted authorization, the tracks serving the site will improve and speed up all loading/unloading, storage and deliveries.

Maritime & Airports

Port of Valleyfield 2km
Dorval Airport 50km
Ottawa International 155km
Montreal Port to Valdev 70km

Key Location Factors

  • Ontario and American markets are only 14 km and 40 km away
  • Easy access to highway 30, 20,40, 132
  • Connecting to the rail network through our future tracks
  • 2 km away from the only municipal port in Canada who welcomes ships from the Great Lakes and Ocean liners connecting major commercial centers in the USA, South America, Europe and Africa.
  • Proximity to MTL-Dorval International Airport
  • Strategic logistical pole. Access to maritime, rail and autoroute access.
  • Possibility for direct connect on-site of CN and CSX rail and maritime dock.